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Australian Scientific Publishing

The name Auscipub says it all! It is an abbreviation for Australian Scientific Publishing and indicates the prime objective of the organization. This small proprietary company (Registered, Sydney) was established specifically for the production of specialized titles relevant to the Australasian region. Auscipub meets the identified need for a publishing outlet for scientific or technical material (with national or international interest) that:

(a) is not attractive to large commercial publishers;
(b) does not meet the strict guidelines of regular scientific journals; and
(c) may only be required in relatively small numbers.

The prime area of interest is material connected with the natural sciences or environmental issues. Aside from the Evolution and Biogeography of Australasian Vertebrates in production, other titles under consideration include Freshwater Crayfishes of Australia and Australian Wines – Production and Industry Trends. Manuscripts submitted are initially assessed by the editor and specialists consulted if it is considered necessary.

Options are considered before any decisions are taken on publication, but flexibility in presentation and to meet individual requirements are priorities. Although based in Sydney, where most of the printing is done, design and layout as well as typesetting is completed in the United Kingdom by an associated company.