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We do not have direct online ordering OR credit card facilities, so to obtain your copy of Evolution and Biogeography of Australasian Vertebrates there are three simple steps:

(i) Download an Order Form and fill in details.

- Click here for the domestic (within Australia) order form
- Click here for the international order form

- For Australian Native Fishes for Aquariums order form, click here

(ii) Check the price and add the relevant post / packing charge

- Domestic shipping is $14.50 AUD
- New Zealand ($41.50 AUD), Asia/Pacific ( $51.60 AUD), USA/Canada and Middle East ($64.20 AUD), Rest of the World ($80.40)

(See our currency converter below and click here to estimate postage for muliple orders).

(iii)  Send the Order Form + Cheque/Money Order (payable to Auscipub Pty Ltd) To: AUSCIPUB, P.O. BOX 68, OATLANDS, N.S.W. 2117, AUSTRALIA

Please remember to include your postal and email addresses.

Our system is geared for individual direct orders and on pre-payment, with shipment/delivery by post; however, you can also order through any bookshop. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail or phone.

All orders will be promptly dispatched on receipt of the appropriate funds.

Trade enquiries are welcome.

All prices and charges are in Australian dollars and you may wish to refer to the currency conversion chart below:

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